Calitec is NATA Accredited

Based in Melbourne Australia, Calitec provides comprehensive equipment and instrumentation calibration services to industry and commerce.

Hospitals and Health Service Providers

Autoclave calibration and validation, logger calibration, Blood/Drug storage calibration and validation, Blood pressure meters, cool room calibration, monitoring system calibration, installation, commissioning, incubator calibration

Catering and Commercial Food Facilities

Calibration to all temperature monitoring systems and equipment.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries

Installation / Commissioning and Calibration services to all types of pharmaceutical control and monitoring instrumentation. Instrumentation upgrades.


Installation / Calibration / Validation of all types of process control instrumentation.

Packaging and Storage Facilities

Calibration and temperature/ humidity mapping services to product storage areas, cool rooms and fridges.



Current, Voltage, Resistance, Frequency


Testing Range: 0.001 mbar to 20 bar

Heat & Temperature

Testing Range: -80°C to 420°C

Humidity Sensors

Testing Range: 5.0% to 95% Relative Humidity


Pressure / Mass / Velocity


pH, CO2, Conductivity

Torque & Force

Torque measurement devices


Differential Pressure, Radar, Ultrasonic, Weigh scale, Float switches

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